Beaux Properties International Inc. has evolved over 3 generations into a professional real estate investment & development company with diverse experience across North America.  Owned and operated privately by the Birnboim family, the company draws on its core strength as an active owner and manager of thousands of prime multi-residential apartment units to expand beyond into other investment areas compatible with its long term growth strategy.  Beaux Properties pursues strong partnerships in various kinds of development projects including commercial/retail shopping centres and high rise condominiums, in addition to the ongoing enhancement and growth of its own core portfolio of assets.

Beaux Properties is a Toronto-based real estate investment company with assets that span North America.  Its primary emphasis is on the acquisition, development and management of income-producing properties in large urban centres. This focus involves strict discipline, rapid response to opportunities & the mindful execution of committed capital.  Beaux Properties core objective is to realize superior risk-adjusted returns through continued growth in these areas, and to achieve sustained capital appreciation of its investment portfolio.  Please contact for any inquiries.


ArizonaPlaza Beaux Properties traces its roots in the apartment business back to Winnipeg, Manitoba in the 1960’s when it’s first significant investment, The Arizona Plaza was developed, owned and managed by Menashe (Max) and Sophia Birnboim along with their son Roy.  From that point forward the Birnboim family has owned and managed thousands of apartment suites throughout Winnipeg and the Greater Toronto Ontario, providing top-quality apartment homes to satisfied residents.  The Investment in and management of multi-residential property is the core competency of the Beaux Properties organization and remains its primary focus and engine for growth.

Spanning generations and geography

Beaux Properties has been in business for more than 60 years, spanning three generations of purchasing and self-managing multi-unit residential rental properties.. Along the way, it has continued to succeed and grow its real estate portfolio by expanding into the development of condominiums and commercial properties through joint venture partnerships.


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